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or send us a message to:  accueil@ictyos.com


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Cuir Marin de France

ICTYOS is an innovative ecological tannery that produces high quality marine leathers in an ethical approach, using fish skins from the food industry and initially destined for destruction. ICTYOS is the first tannery to be created in more than 40 years in France.
The result of three years of research, ICTYOS leathers are the result of the union of the inspiring vision of a virtuous ecosystem and strong scientific innovations. Using resources intelligently, such as fish leather, is our mission. 


Made from high quality chrome-free vegetable tanning, the leathers are made according to our unique and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. They benefit from a high resistance, a rare suppleness, a unique grain and a homogeneous colouring that enhances the creations. Each skin is meticulously processed and controlled to guarantee all its technical and aesthetic qualities. 


Benjamin Malatrait

Gauthier Lefébure

Emmanuel Fourault